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July Newsletter
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Hello, my beautiful goddesses!
I hope you have all been enjoying a wonderful winter break.
Mine has been action packed filled with all things belly dance, with lots of exciting things planned for this term & 2018!
I am still on a high from last Sundays Belly Dance Expo!
It was such a fabulous day with the highlight being the
 “Belly Dancing Julz Student Troupe” performance!
The girls dazzled the crowd & 
really let their inner Goddesses shine! 
Make sure to check out the Video links below.
A big thank you to all of my students for their incredible attendance last term, and dedication. I know when the cooler months approach it can be so easy to stay in on the lounge and hibernate.
You girls were amazing and didn't let the cold stop you from shimmying and shining!

All of your enthusiasm and desire to learn more makes me so happy as a teacher! So let's make term 3 another brilliant term filled with shimmies!!
I can't wait to see all of you on Tuesday night!

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Julz xxx

MB: 0405 149 595

- Term 3 Classes 

 -Belly Dance Expo/Performance video's

-Exclusive Facebook Page for Students

-Belly dancing Girls evening in '6th August'

Term 3 Starts this Tuesday 
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Ladies I would love you to join me for a fabulous term of belly dancing. The new term begins on Tuesday night & we would love you to join us!
It's not too late to enrol, just click here and  'Enrol' or click on the picture and it will take you to the for more information on classes

Belly Dance Expo
Performance videos

Wow .... Belly Dance Expo last Sunday was such a fabulous day!!
Filled with brilliant performances, workshops & all things belly dance.

 My girl's girls were amazing !!
They performed as the “Belly Dancing Julz Student Troupe” and absolutely dazzled the audience with their Bedazzling performances.
 I am so incredibly proud of all of my students for your amazing performance and all of the hard work and dedication that went into it behind the scenes!
 Check out their amazing performances below!

 Beginners & Beyond Dynamic Drum Solo 

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Intermediate A-Capella Drum Solo

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Julz - Improvisation Solo - Shick, Shack, Shock

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Exclusive Facebook Groups
For Belly Daning Julz Students

My beautiful Students. I have created 2 new Exclusive Facebook Groups just for you. The exclusive access is granted to those students who are enrolled and active students at Belly Dancing Julz.

The exclusive access to the face book pages will give you weekly updated technique videos, class tutorials and video links to practice choreographies.
It is also a safe space to connect with your fellow students. It will allow for group discussions, and for you to connect and share with your fellow class Goddesses. And keep you up to date with all the latest belly dance info.

I know that you will love these group pages and gain great value from them! 
So be sure to join one of the groups, by clicking on the picture/link below. It will redirect to Facebook, where you can then send a request to join the Exclusive Facebook group. 

The "Belly dancing Julz - Dance Classes in Sydney Page" will still be active however its use will change and be for posting public performance videos and promoting the new term classes. 

Belly Dancing Julz - Beginners & Beyond Student Group
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Belly Dancing Julz- Intermediate Student Group
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Belly dancing Girls afternoon /evening in 
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Ladies, it's time to celebrate a fabulous first half of the year and to shimmy up the second half of the year with a girly afternoon/ evening in.

I would love to invite you to my humble abode, for a fun afternoon/evening of Middle Eastern flavours, to relax and enjoy a fabulous Belly Dancing Movie – “Whatever Lola wants”.
While having the excellent opportunity to get to know the other amazing woman in your class. 

Oh and let's not forget yummy Middle eastern Food!
Date: Sunday 6th of August

Time:  5 pm – 8.30pm

Cost: $10 for amazing food from Mint Lebanese restaurant (Please let me know if you are vegetarian)
Menu: Chicken Skewers, Kafta Skewers, Lamb Skewers, Falafel, Garlic, Tabouli, Hommus, bubbaganush, Lebanese Bread, and a couple of extras for the Vegetarians ( Sambousik – Cheese, Stuffed Eggplant),
Dessert - Saffron ice cream, assorted baklavas &Turkish delights!
BYO – Drinks (soft drinks and Alcohol) & shimmy belt

Location: Julz’s humble abode in Allambie Heights.
 (Address will be provided after RSVP)

RSVP: Tuesday 1st of August 

Contact Julz : 0405 149 595 /
"Happy Shimmying ladies !!!!"
   Julz xxx

MB:0405 149 595


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