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How do I upload and/or resize images and photos to my website?

Select the page you want to add the photo to (go to "Content Manager/Edit Pages" to select a page).

Place you cursor where you want the photo to appear on the page (or click to highlight an existing photo to replace).

Click on the "Image" button in the toolbar.

Click "Browse Server" in the Image Properties window. You can now drag any images from your hard drive into this window - or click the "Upload" button near the top of the window to navigate your hard drive and select the image(s) you want to upload.

Once your image has uploaded you can resize it by right clicking on the image thumbnail in the window and selecting "Resize" from the menu. Resizing large images is advisable as it speeds up loading time on your web pages which have photos on them.

Once you have uploaded and/or resized your photo(s) you can select a photo to display on your page by double clicking on the photo. Then click "OK" in the Image Properties box and the photo will appear in your page (you can change the width and/or height of the photo in the Image Properties window but this only changes the dimensions of the photo on this particular page - it doesn’t actually resize the photo on the server so if the photo is large on the server it will still be slow to display on the page regardless of the display size on the page. Remember to click "Update Page" to save any changes to the web page.

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