Help - Paste Modes

Standard Paste Mode

By default your Page Editor is in Standard Paste Mode. This mode removes all formatting and HTML code from any content that you paste into your pages. It is best to use Standard Paste Mode for pasting in content from other web pages, emails, Word documents, PDFs, etc. Not using Standard Paste Mode for pasting content from these sorts of documents often results in very messy code and difficulty in formatting the pasted content to suit your web site style.

Standard Mode will not allow you to paste tables, links, font colours, etc.

HTML Paste Mode
HTML Paste Mode is useful for being able to duplicate pages, tables, images and other formatting within your web site. For example, if you have a table layout on a page which you want to duplicate further down the page you can switch to HTML Paste Mode and then select the table you want to duplicate (by clicking on one of the borders of the table); then copy the table (click on the copy button in the editor or press "Ctrl+C" on your keyboard); then place your cursor where you want the new table to be and paste (click on the paste button in the editor or press "Ctrl+V" on your keyboard).

You can also use HTML Paste Mode to copy and paste images and links within a page or onto other pages on your web site.

We advise not to use HTML Paste Mode when pasting new content into your pages from other sources such as other web pages, Word Documents, emails, PDF documents, etc. (read Standard Paste Mode above for more information).
Switching Paste Modes
The Paste Mode you are in is displayed above the editting area. To switch to the other mode, click on the "Enable xxx Paste Mode" button. Switching Paste Modes will keep you in that mode until you log out (when you login you are in Standard Paste Mode by default).