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There's been a ton of interesting things happen to Nell Forrest recently, so I thought I'd fill in those interested! One of the best pieces of news is that Nell (and the books!) will soon be available in hard copy. Thursday, July 23rd to be precise. They will be print on demand, orderable (is that a word?) through Momentum Books. It also means that I'll be able to bring some along to author talks etc from then on. I can't tell you how pleased I am about this. Well, actually I can. I'm thrilled!! While I'm starting to get my head around e-reading, I (like a lot of people) do like the feel of an actual book. Can't wait to actually slide them into my bookshelf.  

In other Nell news, the latest release Forbidden Fruit has just been named on the long-list for the Sisters in Crime Davitt Awards. Nefarious Doings was the first ever e-book to reach the short-list last year so I'm crossing my fingers for similar this time. Here's the link. You do need to be a member of Sisters in Crime to vote but they are a fantastic organisation so this might be the time to join!

In other Sisters in Crime news, I'll be speaking at an event next Friday about all things Nell and murder mystery. Jacqui Horwood will be co-convening and the other guest author is screenwriter Ann Turner, who has just released her debut novel The Lost Swimmer. The theme is 'New twists on malice domestic', which sounds deliciously sinister. Join us if this sounds like something you'd enjoy! Rising Sun Hotel at 8.00pm (if wanted, dinner available upstairs beforehand) - $10 per head. Visit the Sisters in Crime website to book.

And last but certainly not least is the news that a fourth installment of the Nell Forrest murder mystery series is on the way! I've just signed the contract to have it written by early October (gulp), so then it'll be off to my marvellous publishers Momentum Books to whip into shape. The new book is tentatively titled Dastardly Deeds and, just for something different, it takes place on a cruise ship. That's right - Nell is on holidays, along with two of her daughters, her mother, sister, several friends, ex-husband and - yes - Ashley Armistead. I'm having a lot of fun writing it but now I'm thinking that research demands I perhaps go on a cruise of my own...

Cheers, Ilsa Evans



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