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Finally - the Nell Forrest series is available in hard copy! That means a book you can actually touch, and smell, and fold down the page corners, and slide into a bookshelf. And although I'm happily embracing the new e-book culture, I'll still be the first to admit that there's nothing quite like a 'real' book.

To celebrate, I'm giving away one complete set of the series (that's Nefarious Doings, Ill-gotten Gains and Forbidden Fruit). All you need to do is come up with a title suggestion for a future book in the series (Dastardly Deeds is being written at the moment, so that's taken). If yours gets chosen, not only will you get a complete set of the books but you'll also get your name in the acknowledgements if the title gets used. This is actually quite a selfish competition because it means I also get some title ideas - which is great, because I'm rapidly running out of them! Just email your brilliant and/or pithy (that's my word of the day - try using it in a conversation, it always draws attention) suggestions to or drop a comment on my facebook page. You can even like me while you're there! I'll announce a winner on 31st October.

But if you'd rather just buy a copy yourself (which admittedly might be easier), here are the links for the hard copy editions: 

Nefarious Doings

Ill-gotten Gains

Forbidden Fruit

Cheers, Ilsa Evans    

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