Description of photo hereTHRILLED to reveal the cover for Dastardly Deeds, the latest installment in the Nell Forrest series.  I wasn't terribly keen on several covers of my earlier books (the way earlier ones!) so it's a real buzz to see Momentum Books get these so perfectly right. Dastardly Deeds itself will be released in early March but at least now I can visualise it. In the meantime, the other three are now also available in hard copy through Amazon (just click on the particular book at the end of this email), or in e-book via the wonderful folk at Momentum Books.

And now for the competition results! Firstly, I wanted to say a huge thanks to all the title suggestions that came flooding in as a result of the competition I ran last month. I now have inspiration for many more Nell Forrest books. Choosing a winner was actually so difficult that I've decided to choose several. With rough ideas already for the next few books, I've selected titles that would suit them - so this is by no means a reflection on any of the other title suggestions submitted, more that several actually aligned with the half-baked plots in my head (it's a little crowded up there, and I desperately need to do a spring clean at some stage...).

Anyway, so the winner of the book pack (that's Nefarious Doings, Ill-gotten Gains and Forbidden Fruit) is Marg J. with two suggestions that I'll be using at some stage: Troubled Waters and Just Desserts. And then there will be one of the books coming in the mail to the following three people:
Leighta A, with Ulterior Motives
Teresa E, with Wicked Ways
Kirsten M, with Cloak & Dagger

So, once again, a huge thanks to all those who sent in ideas. If any are used in the future, I shall make sure that those responsible are added to the acknowledgements page. And now I'll shuffle off to begin the editing of Dastardly Deeds, to ensure that it's released on time!

Cheers, Ilsa Evans    

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