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So very pleased to announce that Dastardly Deeds is now out! It's been a frenetic few weeks for me, with the book edging closer to release, preparing for a new teaching term, and my youngest daughter turning 21 on the weekend just gone. This latter would have been momentous anyway, but was made even more gargantuan by the decision (which seemed quite sane six months ago after a few glasses of wine) that we host her 21st party, a masquerade ball no less, in the backyard. It is actually blissful to be sitting here on a drizzly public holiday in Melbourne, still in my pj's, with everything done and dusted. I shall keep the blinds down so that I can't see the state of the post-party backyard.

It's also been lovely to see some really good reviews for Dastardly Deeds beginning to trickle in. If you were after this fourth installment of the Nell Forrest series, here are the links:

Hard Copy (through Amazon) 
E-Book (through Amazon)
E-book (through Momentum) - with links to Barnes & Noble, Google Play etc
E-Book (iBooks)
E-Book (Kobo)

Now for the not so good news. The wonderful Momentum Books, who have published all four of the Nell Forrest series (Nefarious Doings, Ill-Gotten Gains, Forbidden Fruit and now Dastardly Deeds), and have done such a terrific job throughout, are about to undergo a significant restructure that will see them drawn in under the umbrella of Pan Macmillan. At this stage I'm not sure what this means for the future of Nell Forrest et al, but will keep you posted. I do know, because Nell tells me, that she has many more stories to tell, so hopefully she will live to fight another day.

And now back to great news! I have just now (quite literally) signed with Hindsight Literary Agency to represent me for future works. I made the decision to go agent-less a few years ago and although it has been an interesting experience, I have to say I am thoroughly looking forward to representation once more. It's a bit of a jungle out there, and I have a shocking sense of direction.  The first manuscript that they will be working with me on is a YA one called Stratification. A new direction for me, which was a bit of an experiment really, so hopefully it will find a welcoming home soon. In the meantime though, I won't be ignoring the adult fiction - too many ideas buzzing around and demanding their chance!

So that's it from me. I've included the blurb from Dastardly Deeds below, to whet your appetite if needed, and would love to hear what you think of Nell's latest adventure. And now I'm off to make another coffee, push my to-do list aside, and put up my feet with a good book. I heartily recommend that you do the same!

Cheers, Ilsa Evans

It was supposed to be the holiday of a lifetime ...

When Nell Forrest's life hits a speed bump (which is most definitely not a midlife crisis) a cruise around the Mediterranean seems like just the ticket.

Unfortunately, that's an idea shared by her mother, her ex-husband, his new partner, and a police detective with whom Nell has a stormy history. Fortunately, meditation is just one of the many activities offered aboard the luxury liner, but Nell will need more than that to face what lies ahead.

A tragic death in Rome is quickly followed by another in Turkey. Then an unexpected discovery provides a link between the two, and Nell must stow her plans for relaxation once and for all.

One of her shipmates is a cold-blooded murderer, and it seems that Nell is the only one with the wherewithal to figure it out. But figure it out she must, because the murderer, like the cruise, has only just begun ...

Dastardly Deeds is the fourth book in Ilsa Evans' Nell Forrest Mystery series. The other three areNefarious Doings, Ill-Gotten Gains and Forbidden Fruit.

This cosy mystery is perfect for fans of Alexander McCall Smith, M.C. Beaton, Kerry Greenwood and Joanna Fluke.



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