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Working ON your business
You’ve probably heard the quote "To improve your business, work ON your business; not IN it" - if you are taking some time to improve your business or start up a new website please take a minute to check out our latest website features and/or take up a free trial website at

Having trouble with some of the aspects of DIY?

If you are having trouble with some of the aspects of DIY or you just simply don’t have the time please feel free to contact us with your requests.  

If you would like us to go through your site and tidy it up, add photos or slide shows or customise the template design to your colours please contact us.

Customer Support
Please remember to refer to our Q&A Support section on Chilliwebsites for many frequently asked questions.  We are constantly updating and refining this page to provide our customers with answers at the click of a button.
In this issue we discuss:

 Seo (Search Engine Optimisation) and your website

 Location, Location, Location and Google Maps

 Update or change your template design in a couple of clicks

 Explain how to maintain your GOOD ranking when changing pagenames

 Adding a Slide Show to your website


What is SEO and how can you make it work for your business? 

In the past few years, nothing has been more commonly asked of web developers than "How do I get my web site to the top of the search results in Google?" ... of course every business wants to be at the top of Google results however, NO business can claim to guarantee this for you.  There are luckily a number of simple, quick and free (DIY) ways that you can help your site reach its best potential.  

Search Engine Optimisation is as much an art as it is a science - but the following paragraphs will explain the basic technical qualities your website should possess in order to be search engine friendly. All websites built using the Chilli Websites system do possess these characteristics and we also explain below how you can best utilise them on your web site.

On Page Characteristics: refer to characteristics of your actual website and include:

Writing good content – The most important aspect in SEO is the actual content of your web site. This refers to all the text you have on your site. The more great content, interesting articles, FAQ’s, stories, etc. you have on your site the more people will want to read it and the higher your page will rank in the search engines.

When writing your content for each page, you need to consider all key phrases that a potential customer might type into a search engine in search of your products or services and fit these key phrases into your content. Then you will want to repeat these key phrases through your heading tags, page title, meta keywords and meta description tags.

With Chilli Websites Content Management System (CMS) you have complete control over the content of every page of your website so you can easily effect this element of SEO. 

Click here for step by step instructions on how to optimise each of your pages through your user admin.  

This only takes a few minutes for each page of your site and is well worth the time taken when put together with great content.


Location, Location, Location and Google Maps

The old adage “think global, act local” is especially relevant when it comes to SEO. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to consider the power of local SEO when executing a search campaign.  There are a couple of easy ways to address this within your websites content.

1. Make sure to mention your location throughout your websites content, so potential customers can easily see that your pages relate to a certain area, city or region.  You need YOUR potential customers to find you easily and to be able to contact you easily.

2. Use Google Maps to place the location of your business on your website. This has the double advantage of letting Google know where you’re located while showing your customers where they can find you. To learn how to add a map to your website click here: ADD A LOCATION MAP TO MY WEBSITE


  Changing the names of your pages without losing your GOOD ranking

My site does well in Search Engines but I want to change the name of my pages - will I lose my good ranking?

Yes - if you change your pages name Search Engines will no longer recognise the page and your ranking for that page will have to start all over again.  

Is there anything that can be done?

Yes - a "301 re-direct" is code that can be placed within your site letting Search Engines know that the page has been re-named.

Can I do this myself through the CMS?

No - You will need to contact Chilli Websites and request a 301 re-direct and we can do this for you.  Simply email us at with the pagename/s you wish to change.


  Change your template to a new design in moments...

One of the advantages of using Chilliwebsites is that you can change your template with a few clicks.  You can easily change the design of your website to any of the available template styles and colours on There is no charge or limit to swapping templates and if you haven’t changed for a while you may not have seen some of the current designs and colours available.  And remember, if you see a design you like but it isn’t available in your business colours please contact us at Chilli and we can colour the template for you.

It is best to view all of our templates on our homepage first and then when you have chosen which one you would like to swap to simply login to your sites Admin System and go to "Content Manager" and click on the "Site Style" button in the menu. Click on "View the Available Templates" and choose the one you want.  

Click on the link below to watch a short video on how to update your website template design.

Watch a short video on how to update your website design template


  How you can add a slide show to your website

Adding a slide show to your site can give your site some added interest and/or show potential customers your products or services.  To add a slide show follow along with our video tutorial (the link to the tutorial is available in your sites Admin under "Video Quicktips").  Have up to 10 images of the same dimensions ready by uploading them through the "images manager" to add to your slideshow. 

To view some Chilliwebsites customers sites that use the slideshow feature click on the links below:


We hope we have given you some worthwhile pointers within this newsletter and we encourage you to pass this newsletter on to anyone you feel may be interested in the topics discussed.

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