Chilli Websites is happy to introduce a new template style that includes a FULL SCREEN background with slideshow capability.

   Did you know that Chilli Websites can customise any of our templates to suit your needs or revamp your existing site for a fresh new feel.

   Adding a photo gallery to your website can be a great way to show off your business - find out how to give your gallery a professional look.

  Domain Names - Do you need a or a .com

→ Local search - The most important difference is that search engines like Google are smart enough to provide results based on your location, so if your business is primarily Australian, then a address will help ensure your site appears when Australian customers search for your products or services. This isn’t always guaranteed, but it does add weight to local search rankings.

Global search - if you want your business to trade globally on the web then a .com address may be your best bet.

→ Registering a address requires a registered business name that’s similar or linked to the domain you want to register. Some people see this as a validation of your business existing and being registered, so that can make a difference to consumer confidence. A domain can only be registered for a 2 year period.

→ Registering a .com - you do not need an ABN and a .com can be registered for a 1 year period.

→ Do you need both - this is entirely up to you and your business needs.  If you feel that you would like to extend the protection of your brand this is may be of benefit to you.

 Registering common spelling errors.  If your primary domain name is commonly spelt incorrectly it may be advisable for you to also register these errors as another domain name so that you ensure that your business' website attracts the traffic and not a competitors!

→ Letting your domain lapse. If you let your domain name expire your website and any email associated with that domain name will also be unavailable on the web until the domain name is re-instated.

Therefore, it is a great idea to be aware of when your domain is up for renewal (remember this will be two years from when it was first registered) and make sure that the email address that you receive your notice at is regularly checked.  

Chilli websites keeps tabs on all the domain names that we register on behalf of your business and will either renew it for you or send you an invoice for the renewal when the time comes around.

Extra Domain names for your Website

If you would like to talk to us about registering additional domain names for your website please contact us.  

We can give you some guidance and register appropriate names for you plus we will monitor when they are due for expiration and  let you know so that your site and emails don't suddenly go off line!

Please Register a New or Extra Domain Name for me.

Full Screen Background with Slideshow capability - Check out our new website template (click here for a preview) - this template has a fun new function which enables you to upload your own photos (or images purchased from an image bank) as the background graphic to your website.  
Full Screen Background Image 
+ You can elect to have the photo display in
the background as a slideshow of multiple images.

+ Or your may choose to have them appear individually on each page.  

+ Or you can just upload one photo for the background on all pages.

PLUS the photo will stretch to fit all browsers so that the image will not have to repeat on larger monitors!

We think that this new template works well for businesses who have high quality photos relevant to their business and want to feature them on their website.  

Established clients can update their existing website to this template (or to any of our other templates) through the admin system by clicking on "Content Manager/Site Style" and choosing template 1360.  Please feel free to check with us via email as to whether we think that your current site will convert nicely to the this new template as it will depend upon your current content.  If you prefer us to do the conversion for you please enquire via email for more information.

To view the new template or any of our other templates click here.

Freshen up your website quickly, easily and with little to no cost!

Recently we have been re-vamping a number of our customers existing websites to give them a refreshed and contemporary feel. This may be as simple as adding a slideshow or a background image to your current website or changing the font or colour of the design. 

This is a low cost way to refresh your business' image and get an updated look for your website.  

Please contact us for more information.

Description of photo here




Adding a photo gallery to your website.

Photo GalleryPhoto galleries can be a great way to show off your business, however if not created correctly they can be clunky and hard for potential clients to see what you are wanting to show them.  

The best way to create a gallery is to insert a table into the page (much like you would do in a word document) and then decide how many columns and rows your will need depending on how many images you have to display.  It is also imperative that you have a standard size for your images (say 230 pixels x 150 pixels) for your thumbnails and then a larger image for clients to click through to see larger (say 600 pixels  x 400 pixels).  

To link each photo to their larger image simply click on the "images" icon and then on the tab "link" to select the appropriate image from your images manager (please remember to have the image open into a "New Window" so that clients are not taken off your site).  

Also, it is a good idea to put some spacing around the image to do this you can right click inside a table or cell and add padding - you may play around with this a little to get the right amount of padding for your images to distribute evenly across your page but remember what you do to one cell you will need to do to the others to keep it all aligned evenly. Once you get the hang of this it can be quite a quick process and your site will have a clean, professional look!

To view an example of a photo gallery click on the following 

If you don't have the time or inclination to create a gallery but would like your gallery to looks it best we are happy to create one for you.  We can do the whole thing or maybe just the first couple of rows to get you on your way.  

Email us at to talk to us about your gallery page.



Did you know the team at Chilli can also design and build custom websites for all sizes of business - from 1 page sites to 100 page sites!  

If you would like to take your site to the next level, have an established site that needs a re-design or there are features that you need added to your site please contact us for a tailored quote. To view some of our custom sites click here.

Customised Website Design and Construction by Chilli Websites

We hope we have given you a few things to think about to grow your business and we are always happy to talk to you about ways to improve your website.  

We encourage you to pass this special offer on to anyone you feel may be interested in  our services.

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