A responsive website describes a website which changes its layout depending on the size of the device screen on which it is being viewed.

This allows one website to be easily viewed across all devices from the largest desktop computer screen to the smallest smart phone.   


The only drawbacks to responsive websites are that your old content may not be responsive in itself - if you use a lot of tables with set widths then these may hold the website width and not allow the site to collapse as it is designed to do.  


Our recently redesigned website at www.chilliwebsites.com.au is a responsive design - if you view this site on a computer and then compare it on a phone or tablet you will see how this works.

We have just also launched our first responsive template design for our customers to use.  On our website you can navigate to See Our Designs and the first design on the page is a responsive design.  We invite you to try this template out with your current website content.  

Of course if you don't currently have your website with Chilli Websites please take this opportunity to quickly setup a free trial and test our new responsive template design.

We are currently working on our next responsive template design to be launched in coming weeks and will continue to add to the selection of these.

To read a bit more about Responsive Website Design, click here to view our full article.

Warmest Regards, Chilli Websites


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